1. For those who’ve yet to go to Pokebeach.com, do so. Explosive Impact’s cards have been revealed and holy Jesus…the Lost Zone is going to be used waaaaaay more, Tyranitar GX is crazy, and Night March has been revived as Lost March in the game, and many cards in this set are INSANE. Ladies and gentleman, let me spoil some news:

    Jumpluff and Natu have Lost March, which does 20 for each Pokemon you have in the lost zone….trust me, there are many ways to get this done.

    Three Unown cards have come out in the set, and all three add a brand new win condition to the game….read on:

    Unown 1: Ability: DAMAGE
    Once during your turn (before your attack), if this Pokemon is your Active Pokemon, and your Benched Pokemon have a combined total of at least 66 damage counters on them, you may choose to win the game (if you have 5 benched mons, they would all have to be GX’s clinging to life at that point….very unlikely to pull off).

    Unown 2: Ability: HAND
    Once during your turn (before your attack), if this Pokemon is your Active Pokemon, and you have at least 35 cards in your hand, you may choose to win the game (Zoroark cancer. If you manage to pull this off….goodness).

    Unown 3: Ability: MISSING
    Once during your turn (before your attack), if this Pokemon is your Active Pokemon, and your opponent has at least 12 Supporter cards in the Lost Zone, you may choose to win the game (you might think this is daunting, but there are cards that can accomplish this).

    The madness in this set is driving me crazy here

    Nihilego: Remember Zoroark BREAK’s Foul Play? If your opponent has 2 prize cards remaining, you can copy any of their attacks.

    Miltank: for 3 colorless, Milk Cannon: reveal any number of Momo-Milks (new item card) in your hand. Do 60 for each. Have all 4 and you slap down 240 damage (or 270 with band). Wild.

    React Hammer: only used for turn 2 player’s first turn. Discard an energy, any.

    Lost Mixer: Send 2 cards in hand to the Lost Zone, draw a card….Lost March.

    Whitney: Draw 1 card. Draw 2 more cards for each Whitney in your discard pile. Zoroark’s gunna love this.

    Professor Elm’s Lecture: Our new Brigette without benching mons and they have to be 60 HP or less. Balanced.

    Faba: Choose 1 of your opponent’s Pokemon Tool cards, Special Energy cards, or Stadiums in play, and put it in the Lost Zone. It’s happening folks.

    Lusamine Prism Star: can only use If your opponent has 3 prize cards remaining: Prevent all damage done to your Ultra Beasts by your opponent’s attacks during your opponent’s next turn. Be very afraid.

    Memory Energy: attach it to your evolved pokemon and now you gain access to any of his previous evolution’s attacks. Lit.

    Still skeptical about these cards, go see them for yourself. But let me say this: Lost Thunder is potentially going to be our best set ever in the Sun and Moon Block. SAVE YOUR TOKENS, SAVE YOUR MONEY, THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED FOR!!

    This set is about to turn the meta into a cruel, shadow realm like existence.

    1. And at Worlds a new juggernaut of a card type has been revealed in the form of Tag Team GX cards, the first of which looks amazing (Pikachu and Zekrom GX). And this is a risky one to use someday, because if your Tag Team GX gets knocked out, your opponent takes 3 prize cards. Today’s real freaky.

      1. Thanks for the updates Juan! Yes the tag team is interesting although on the face of it doesn’t seem to be worth it. 240 for 3 prizes = 80 HP a prize, so it had better have a really good ability and a really good attack….

        I noticed they should have simply called Explosive Impact “The Lost Zone Expansion Set.” Not sure how I feel about it, a lot of people are geeking out, you know me I’m skeptical of whether or not the sun’s going to come up tomorrow morning, so let’s wait and see. It potentially significantly changes the way the game is played; therefore, it inherently could make the game less enjoyable… but we’ll see.

        1. Admittedly you have a point, especially if the Lost World mechanic begins to take hold months from now. Think about it: Lysandre Prism alongside Faba and all these other cards that can devastate any deck. This is not just destruction: this is sending cards to a zone that has never had a card to recover resources from. Furthermore you did say that non-GX decks could start to see a rise no? Well given what you saw with Baby Buzz/Garb and the potential that cards like Miltank and Jumpluff have, you may very well be right, and perhaps non-GX decks could start to go from rogue status to definite Tier 1 status.

          And of course people would geek out, especially the players that were with the game before the Black and White era, where the Lost Zone was introduced during the Heartgold/Soulsilver era, where things like Mew Prime and Magnezone Prime were a thing, and the infamous LostGar deck was hyped to the max due to their win condition in the Lost Zone. It was a beautiful era.

          This subset overturned so many things, and remember: Espeon and Umbreon now have non-GX variants that can hit hard for a single energy. This is great!

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