Rayquaza GX… Take 3: Did I get it right this time?

So this is now my third (or fourth?  I’m losing count) version of Rayquaza, but I think I might have gotten it right this time:

I don’t know if this is THE decklist for Rayquaza, but I think I’m getting closer.  I dropped one of the Grubbin to reduce the chances of a Grubbin start.  You definitely want either Rayquaza or Dunsparce up top in the active when the game begins, and you definitely want to go second so you can get off either Tempest GX or Strike and Run on turn 2.  If you do Strike and Run turn 2, you want to ideally have two Grubbin and a Dragon (preferably 2) on the bench for turn 4.

Delcatty has been important in a few matches.  It’s not VS Seeker, but I used it in one match in the below video.  It is definitely a late game card so it could potentially be replaced by something to help accelerate your development (maybe a Switch or another Guzma to get Grubbin out of the active turn 2), but I kind of hung my hat a little bit on Delcatty in my CES preview, so I’ve got to prove its worth.

Here’s the link to the video:

I did actually lose a match I played after completing this video.  I caught Fototaxia online right after I started rendering the video, and Foto completely stomped me with the deck from Monday.  We’re going to play a couple of matches showing off that list tomorrow, and then I’ll post that video on Friday so you can see that the deck is actually viable.


  1. I like the ideas behind many of your card choices. Wishful Baton, Delcatty, Acro Bike and Volkner all have very interesting effects that are really worth exploring going into Sun & Moon-on format.
    I was also going to ask, why are you not using Tapu Lele? Are you trying to make it budget-ish?

  2. Sure Max the answer is pretty simple: I don’t have any Leles on my new PokeDeckCentral account! There are a couple other reasons though. Elle takes up a bench space that could be a Grubbin or even Skitty – and you discard so many cards with this deck that Delcatty is almost as good as Lele. Lele is an easy 2 prizes. 170 has become the new 110. And -maybe most importantly – I don’t have to worry about starting Lele. But if you want to put a Lele in feel free I’m not that strongly against it.

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