Rayquaza GX update

So here’s my list that I think I’m getting closer with.  I went on a seven game win streak with this list.

I posted a couple of videos of earlier builds on Youtube (search for PokeDeckCentral), but I definitely have done better with this version.  Dunsparce is a really great starter.  Plusle can put a LOT of cards in your hand, maybe even as many as Tempest GX without having to discard.  Adding the Charjabug definitely helped get multiple Vikavolts out – thanks to Juan on that.  My previous lists were all 4-0-3, like so many of the current Buluvolt builds.  Adding the Charjabug really is the best though as you’re not completely relying on Rare Candy.

Juan also had the brilliant suggestion of Volkner, and he has helped either get a Rare Candy or Ultra Ball a number of times.  I might even add a second copy.

But it’s great to have Acro Bike back, Copycat has been good so far (have to officially start testing it to see what the average draw count is), and this deck can repeatedly, sustainably hit for 300 PLUS damage.  The Wishful Batons are great, most decks aren’t running Field Blowers… or aren’t running enough of them.

Definitely recommend this build though.  I have also played a little bit with Swampert and have success when I can get it set up.  A lot of times it has bricked on me out of the gate, though, so I may need to try Swampy with Dunsparce.

But good luck hope you’re developing some good new Celestial Storm decks.


  1. I really do appreciate the gratitude Harvey. With Volkner, I think you can definitely afford to up the count to 2, maybe 3 to get a better shot at pulling it. And it isn’t even a bad idea at all when there are more options to pull with Volkner. Take Vikavolt: sure you can accelerate onto the guy to avoid Guzma stalls, but sometimes you just can’t afford to waste energy, especially when you are 3 attachments away of knocking out larger targets. So what other ideas you could do? Add Switch. However you will be seeing Zeraora GX with his free retreat ability in our next core set, so in three months time you can scrap the idea.

    But mostly, Volkner is a better Skyla. You get whatever puzzle piece you’re missing to get up Vikavolts or even slap down more dragons to help get you to the goal much sooner rather than later. On top of that you never miss an attachment (tho with your build it would be madness if you actually didn’t get an energy for the turn). In a format where Sycamore is non-existent, you will definitely need all the consistency boosts you can get.

    On a side note: Rayquaza is getting popular correct? And Tempest Gx is an easy turn 1 GX attack that can go off like Drampa’s Big Wheel no? The Burning Shadows Darkrai with Dark Raid might potentially see some shine this upcoming format if these two cards build in popularity, given that Dark Raid alone OHKO’s Dawn Wings with a sole Choice Band without fulfilling the added damage bonus, and upon them hitting Big Wheel or Tempest GX, well, you now have a non GX 190 hitting Juggernaut….but I won’t get my hopes up here, given that it’s a bit harder to get these attackers up without Max Elixir. Then again a Silvally/Darkrai deck doesn’t sound terrible, and once Solgaleo comes out you can easily charge up attackers as well (just pray that the promos don’t get scrapped).

    And given Magcargos and even Hiker’s introduction to the game….we could very well see the return of a card that you might not be familiar with today: Ether. Reveal the top card of your deck. If that card is a basic Energy card, attach it to 1 of your Pokémon. If it is not a basic Energy card, return it to the top of your deck. Inconsistent when used alone, but if comboed with cards that allow you to manipulate the deck…If that card gets reprinted, expect to see A LOT more decks getting stronger (especially Zoroark, because this item is not restricted to basics: if you hit it, you can attach to ANY pokemon. Basic, stage 1, stage 2, whatever).

    On an unrelated note: Lisia. In Buzzwole, it’s fun when you use her and both Prism Star cards are already there ready to go.

    And big advice I can confidently give….players need to watch their item counts post rotation. Trashvalanche Garb is still in the format. Once we lose all these goodies, players will be quick to try to use things like Acro bikes for deck thinning, nest balls for pokemon searches, and so on and so forth, but if certain players start to see a rise in item usage, Garb will come back around to keep balance in the force…no Star Wars.

    1. I would love to play Mega Absol in expanded with this Hiker card…

  2. Rayquaza Garb looks like it’s going to win worlds. It’s really overpowered. I’m going to try it with Metagross and Stevens Resolve too.
    Yeah Silvally (with Magearna) will probably make a comeback IF we ever get that Solgaleo. And I totally agree about GRI Garb.

  3. GRI Garb- Mahone got totally rolled by a GRI Garb deck on one of his videos recently. Maybe Rayquaza isn’t the shoe in I thought it was going to be at worlds.

  4. Rayquaza’s still good, but Garb just does so much, with so much value, that Zoroark could still come out on top alongside Garb if you think about it (all it takes is a bit of disruption to jeopardize Ray, and given that Worlds will not have a post rotation format to fall back on….you can expect parallel city, both Garbs, and so on and so forth to grind a boot up a lot of arse). Just needs the right build to survive that flurry of traps.

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