An Afternoon with Garchomp

I’m not going to lie to you, I have some success with this list, and I’ve struggled with it as well:

I was not a big fan of Garchomp when it first came out back in February.  I beat it plenty, and I struggled with it when I tried it.  And then the Fighting version came out in May and I thought that would be great… yeah, wrong again.  So now that we have a new format and rotation has occurred, I am again going back to Garchomp, you know, because the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result right?

As you can see from the video below, the deck isn’t terrible, but I definitely had some trouble with it.  I initially tried with Dunsparce and Alolan Vulpix, similar to the Swampert build I have had a ton of success with.  That attempt failed spectacularly, however, so I pretty much just tried to streamline the deck as much as I could.  I definitely feel that there could be some improvements to this list, so let me know if you have any ideas or if you have a list that’s working fairly well for you.


  1. Honestly, Garchomp Lucario has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I am still yet to build it since the new rotation (Just this morning I had 2 decks, Blaziken GX/Turtonator GX and Ho-oh GX/Salazzle GX, then I built Metagross GX with 1 copy of Necrozma GX) and Garchomp Lucario does seem like a viable option. With cards like Tapu Lele GX (only one I have) and just running 4 Cynthia and 2 pal pad, Garchomp will be hitting the numbers for sure. I’m not sure if I own a diance, but it will be need to hit the numbers with a choice band, practically knocking out anything in the game. Lucario can search anything you need, and I can’t wait to build this deck. Love the picture btw, snuggly generators! (Rip Pachirisu Raichu GX)

  2. Yeah Juan was lamenting the loss of Snuggly Generator as well…. As a Prism I’m sure Diancie will be pretty cheap, you can probably get it for a couple of Pikachu avatar packs (let me know if you’re not familiar with that trading trick).

  3. Ladies and gentleman that may stumble upon my comment, I have some news that for some will be “meh”, and for others very cringy. The Tapu Lele GX that’s coming out soon is an Alternate reprint, which means that for those that made reckless decisions on their Lele investments…the card is not looking to be reprinted at all. Now granted…there may be hope later next year, but for now I wouldn’t get your hopes up. And it goes without saying, this comment from the Pokebeach article pretty much summed up the news and how some might be taking it:

    TPCi:”Hey, do you want this delicious cupcake?”
    Consumer: “Yes!”
    TPCi: “Also I dropped it on the floor. But it’s okay because I scraped off all of the dirt.”
    Consumer: “Oh.”

    Thank goodness I don’t invest in the actual card…although to be honest: I wish I hadn’t wasted time at the old job I had. Had I swapped to the one I have today I would have picked up a Box of Evolutions to enjoy opening up. Sigh* it is what it is.

    Also for those who open up Dragon Majesty this week: you may get a surprise in the form of Alternate art Hydreigon, from Crimson Invasion….I love Hydreigon but with the BREAK gone and whatnot this is an odd card to be getting of all things.

  4. Raichu GX rotates out next year right? So it’ll probably come back in August 2019.

    Oh and perfect analogy about Tapu Lele GX. Good thing Shrines making her unplayable anyways.

  5. RIP Lele… I guess Pokémon doesn’t want us to have nice things.. they take away sycamore.. they take away N… they take away my boi volcanion… and it’s archetype… they take away greninja.. they take away nuzzle pika… they take away puzzles…. they take away garbotoxin..oh wait,that’s fine..

  6. THAT’S. funny, take away Garbotoxin. I played Golisodor at St. Louis this year. You and I are like Polar opposites Red. : )

    I bet you didn’t like Greninja too. I got your request too I should be online around 9 pm EST. And then you take a trip to the shrine of Punishment!

  7. St. Louis has a regionals? That’s funny, because I would’ve gone! (Even with my lack of playable stuff) I actually live in St Louis, so next year, if my parents let me, I’m going to downtown to play competive Pokémon

  8. Yes it was in Collinsville in February. At the time it was the second largest tournament ever and is the highest attended tournament not titled NAIC. I’m sure there will be one there again in February 2019, although they might have to hold it elsewhere as they had about outgrown the facility.

  9. Nice! My birthdays in February, so an excuse to go! I’d be playing juniors division I think, I’m only twelve 🙂

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