More Statistical Analysis: What Types are the Best to Play?

***Please note: I fixed the two errors with this article.  The first graph is not the same as the second one, and thanks to Red Ninja for noticing that I missed Water (Whoops!) in the original analysis.


Friday I left you with some stats about the ratio of GX to non GX decks, today let’s take a look at the most common weaknesses of Pokemon I’ve seen since the format turned over on August 28th.

Since the beginning of the new format, here are the most common weaknesses I’ve come across on PTCGO:

So the first thing to mention – and you may have noticed this: the frequency column does not add up to 100%.  This is because decks frequently employ more than one type of feature attacker.

I have come across Fire weak decks 78 times in 306 matches since the beginning of the new format.  More than 1 out of 4 of my matches are against archetypes where the feature Pokemon is Fire weak.  Close behind that – not surprisingly – are Fighting weak decks at 23%.  Basically, if you can build a deck that can feature Fire and Fighting Pokemon, you will have weakness advantage almost half of the time.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you’re playing Lightning or Dark Pokemon as your feature attackers, you probably don’t see many Pokemon that are weak to you.

That’s since the beginning of the rotation, however… what have things looked like over the past week?

I’m glad you asked – because the types of Pokemon I’ve encountered in the past seven days ARE significantly different:

I’m sure it comes as a surprise to no one that Fire weak decks have seen significantly less play in the past week.  DRM brought a LOT of fire love.  Also, we can see that the increase in Metal weak decks (i.e. an increase in Fairy decks being played) is a clear response to the increase of Dragon Pokemon post DRM as well (the set was titled Dragon Majesty… you had to figure Fairy decks would be licking their chops).  Also interesting is the bump in Lightning weak decks.

So there you have it – hope that gives you something to think about when deciding what deck you might want to play tonight on PTCGO!

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