Everyone loves the Budweiser Kleidsdales – Mudsdale (GRI 76) is Pokemon’s version.  I’ll admit that I’ve underrated this Pokemon – I’ve always passed it over because the attack cost seemed WAY too high.

Not with Dragon’s Wish Dragonair (SUM 95), now throw in some Counter Energy and Ribombee (BUS 96), and getting four Fighting energy on Mudsdale is easy peasy.

Here’s my decklist:

I will definitely say the three games on this video were against non meta competition. Mudsdale is NOT the BDIF!  But it is better than I thought it was, and it will win you some matches.  Overall, I went 6 W 4 L and did beat a Buzzwole Garbodor deck.

Link to the video:


  1. Yes, the kleidsdales get a deck! This deck truly seems underrated,as 180 is pretty solid.

  2. as an alternative, what if you used Oricorio from guardians rising #55. It has an ability when played from your hand to your bench to search your deck for two basic energies and put them in your hand. I went up against a metal dugtrio deck that used this card instead of rhibombee and it was surprisingly effective. It would also free up a space when you eliminate a stage1. As well as allow you to pull other cards with your timer balls. Just a thought.

  3. Definitely worth considering. Frees up a slot and gets energy instantly instead of having to wait a turn.

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