Sableye Zoroark Greninja

Sounds like an Alolan law firm, but this trio does ok for me.  I win some, I lose some.  It is a complex deck to play:

I play the Koko for a free retreater. I rarely attack with it. If I don’t start with Sableye, I hope I can start with Koko and then get a Nest Ball to get Sableye on the bench so I can eventually get him into the active.

Apricorn Maker is good, and I love Mallow in this archetype.  Another huge bonus is being able to use Trickster GX – just remember it only allows you access to your opponent’s attacks.  You can’t replicate Haze Slash or Shadowy Hunter with Trickster GX.

Here are links to a couple of videos showing what this deck can do:

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