Turtonator Blaziken from DRAGON MAJESTY

My first Dragon Majesty build!  Turtonator is BETTER than even I thought – and I’m pretty sure I was the only one giving the turtle some love.  I think we all missed that Turtonator’s attack allows you to discharge energy of any of your Pokemon, not just the active one.  This means you only have to put three energy on the active Turtonator, and energy Blaziken accelerates to benched Pokemon can potentially be recycled and used again and again, turn after turn.  And you can discard as few or as many energy as you want, and – again as I said – off ANY Pokemon you want on your side of the board.

Blaziken is as good as advertised.  If you can get him going, he’s going to power you to victory.  It’s just a LOT tougher to get a Stage 2 going than a Stage 1.  Victini was a little underwhelming in the one match I used it in.  The Kokos are there to serve as free retreaters – you can potentially power up a Turtonator on the bench and then retreat the Koko and bring that Turtonator up to attack.

I’m not sure about a lot of the cards in this deck.  I don’t know that I need Shrine, and I certainly need more consistency cards.  I don’t think I’ll keep Lance, and I could see myself swapping out Volkner for a fourth Kiawe.  Turn 1 Kiawe is pretty intense in this deck.  With needing key supporters at the perfect time, it might be worth it to run a Tapu Lele GX in the deck as well.  Ribombee (BUS) might also be a good tech Pokemon, too, and maybe work in a couple of recyclers and just forget Victini.

But here’s my list, and the link to the video I posted last night:


  1. For Turtonator, I already knew about his attack being similar to Camerupt EX. The thing that holds Turtonator back is the HP that many Pokemon can OHKO readily. Out of the many non-GX Turtonators we have, this one certainly looks promising (Turtonator/Infernape also looks not so bad as well if you can manage a Flying flip and Shrine.

    But for theorymon (and yes I’m getting off topic): one could attempt something quite interesting and go for the Fighting type Infernape, partnering up alongside Toxicroak from Forbidden Light, and maybe even Ultra Prism for Type coverage, and basically have a means to hit magic numbers for knockouts on opposing mons. At base power against non-GX’s, a Fighting Infernape will hit base 120 after a burn, with Diance Prism: 140, so a lot of non-GX’s fall. Against GX: Choice Band alongside Diancie has Infernape hitting 170, and with Shrine now you make it to 180. What can Toxicroak do? Well, upon Infernape’s defeat, he can enter the fray and deliver 180 alongside Diancie/Shrine/Choice Band. Looks good on paper, but the greatest flaw is the fact that Chimchars are not fighting types, so wack one down and Toxicroak cannot do max damage. Even so, that is certainly a theoretically plot, and the poison frog could be dropped in favor of consistency. End of random theory mon.

    For your Turtonator build you could drop Shrine if you feel that you will get the numbers more often than not, and you could drop Apricorn Makers and Lance Prism as well in favor of Lillies and Order Pads, which Order pad could absolutely help to get whatever you may need even if it’s by coinflip. And you do have Turtonators, you have suggested Lele, so why not Mysterious Treasures to help potentially guarantee a Turn 1 Kiawe onto your beast while thinning through the deck as the game progresses….it goes without saying, and I’ve had this sentiment for some time: Random Receiver rotating out sucked. It was such an overlooked and underused card, but I enjoyed it alongside my Passimian Mew and my Darkrai deck. Random receiver would have been played more in non-GX decks today, but well…haaaaa: things happen. Fighting Fury belt staying would have been awesome too.

    But your build has promise as a budget one: as long as you go over the hurdle of cooking up your KFC, your Turtle will start taking lives, and Blaziken can fight as well, so there’s that.

  2. I’ve been a fan of turtonator blaziken for awhile. But not this build. I built a while ago Blaziken GX Turtonator gx, and now seeing this I want to build blaziken turtonator baby turtonator. I’m already trading some stuff for it (Also the dragon magesty pack you gave me) so I can build this deck

    1. Sounds good … Btw if you mark some common basics as tradable I’ll send your coins back : )

  3. Sorry for conceding (Internet hates me) and the coins are fine. I gave you the blinged-out charmander and charmeleon so if you want to build DM Charizard, sounds like a fun rouge deck to me. And, as for the game goes, I’ll be on tomorrow morning around 8:00 Central Time so we can battle again. (I was disappointed because I had an amazing first hand for Ho-Oh/Salazzle/Turtonator GX )

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