Turtonator… He’s Back!

So we all know the iconic line from the original Terminator movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “I’ll be back,” and when he does come back he singlehandedly demolishes the police station.  Well, this is my second version of Turtonator, and … well there’s no other way to say it: this deck is good.  This archetype is for real.  No question, this has the potential to be Tier 1.  I don’t think I have the list exactly nailed down – and Dragon’s Wish Dragonair might not even be the best way to go with this, but you can see that the potential is definitely here.

I’m still figuring this out for myself – I’ve only played five games with it – but you want to go one of two ways.  You either want turn 1 Kiawe and just start KO’ing stuff as fast as possible, or you want to get Dragonair up into the active and try to Lady and get a bunch of energy in hand next turn.  Either way, you want to try to tap into the Beast Rings mid game, and in one match I even had to finish off my opponent with Oranguru and Tapu Lele GX at the end.

And there are other ways to build this too – Blaziken, Zinnia, Darmanitan.  Juan had suggested Wishful Batons, and I was thinking about Electrode GX too.  Let me know what your thoughts are, but whatever you decide to build this with, Turtonator is going to be a very effective archetype.

Here’s the link to the video I made on this last night:


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  1. Saw a good portion of your games last night myself: that last match sure went south but what can ya do: best case scenario would’ve been to add switch to get Oranguru out of the active and avoid a stall out. Furthermore Mysterious Treasures absolutely helps to get your key cards out with less discard power, and Flint might actually combo well with Dragon’s Wish, which was fun to watch you pull off as well.

    Idk if you’ve watched the latest video by Ptcgradio, but Blacephalon/Naganadel took off In Japan. As you already know, Blacephalon GX for 2 fire does 50 for each fire energy sent to the lost zone (similar to turtonator). Naganadel allows you to attach an energy from the discard pile to himself once per turn. So the combos there. What can you do with Turtonator next set? Add in a line of Naganadel: you already play Pheromosa to get a Beast Ring combo going, so in theory….as long as you get these turtles up and running, your Naganadels can help get you the discard energy you need to get things done. Yes things get clunky when you consider Dragonair but it’s a peculiar option.

    Another better idea would be to wait for Blacephalon himself to come join your deck to have a secondary attacker to deliver massive knockouts on your behalf when Turtonator fulfills his role at the time.

    A more drastic idea for a Turtonator deck would be to get an Electrode GX line out, blow it up when your energy goes, and go HAM with Beast rings, the ability itself, and if you feel comfy: Judge the opponent down to 4 to render their prize cards obtained irrelevant, and proceed to get your Turtles and Pheromosas running asap (best comboed with Shuckle in our next set).

    Other random idea: Lance prism star, but that one is a reach.

    All in all, you are advocating for this guy and I applaud your work. :3

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