1. https://imgur.com/a/SIffqLm#HtE1XTN

    Sorry if this comment is unrelated to Lost March to a certain extent, but for those that want to see all 236 cards of Lost Thunder, click on the link above to go see each one up close. Someone was able to share all of the cards and I feel that this would be nice to have a look at while we wait for the set to drop.

    Plus by getting a feel of what every card does, some might even get some inspiration out of cards that might have been overlooked as well. Enjoy!!

  2. This is awesome Juan thanks! And yes adding “Lay the” adds so much to the attack’s name. I want to play this IRL just to say that attack.

    1. No prob! And maaan, saying “Layeth the smackdown GX” would almost be as hilarious as using Imakuni?’s Doduo in casual play, or in Yugioh: Using Yu-jo Friendship. What does that card do you ask? Well, you might be surprised: Offer your opponent a handshake. If they accept your handshake, each player’s Life Points become half the combined Life Points of both players. If you have “Unity” in your hand and show it to your opponent, they must accept the handshake. Btw, Yu-jo Friendship and Unity are unlimited in that card game so you could use them in a deck….buuuuuut no competitive player would ever risk the game doing such a thing XD

  3. Other thoughts: Espeon GX and Ultra Necrozma GX’s GX attacks probably annihilate this archetype.

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