Memphis Regionals

Well, looks like my prediction about Psychic being popular was right.  The top two decks at Memphis were both Psychic Toolboxes.  The other two were Buzzroc (not sure if Big Daddy or Baby – the picture on PokeStats shows the GX but has it listed as the non GX, and LimitlessTCG has the non GX listed as well.  Actually, 3, 4, 5, & 7 were Buzzroc, with 6 being Zoroark Magcargo and 8th was Rayquaza Vikavolt.

One of the big surprise tech cards was Chimecho CIN that has the attack Bell of Silence that only does ten damage but prevents your opponent from playing any Pokemon from his hand that have an ability.  I had tried this a little bit a LONG time ago and been eminently unsuccessful with it (lost all five matches with it in a Psychic Toolbox back in November), but Psychic obviously didn’t have all of the advantages then as it has today.

I did actually play one Chimeco deck this morning and managed to squeak by it.  It was Chimeco, Buzzwole, Hoopa, and it was difficult… but I managed to beat it even though I was playing Rayquaza Vikavolt, an archetype you would think would be an autoloss for that kind of counter meta deck.

So long story short – Chimecho was great this weekend, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work as well for you as it did for Daniel Altavilla and Gustavo Wada.


  1. CHIEMECO?! CHIMECO? You’re kidding me, smalls! I never thought CHIMECHO (notice how I spell it wrong) would be good. I guess I might have to CHIMECHO it out. It might be a bad CHI but it could be fun, MECHO. Sorry for bad puns, I must PUNish myself

  2. I pronounced it with a hard K at first and my son just looked at me. “Dad, it’s ch, like Chime. Chime – echo.” One of those things that look at lot clearer in hindsight.

    Either way, I wouldn’t go trying to build an archetype around this. It’s got some usefulness VERY early in the game, but it feels a lot like Sableye GRI. Sometimes it will be devastating, but most of the time it will be a minor nuisance at best.

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