More Stats for Memphis

Picking up where I left off yesterday….

Here are the average number of cards by type:

So if anyone ever asks you, “How many Pokemon should I run in a deck?” or “How many Supporters should I play?” well here’s your answer.  This is about the same number – 16 and a half – that I came across back in June when I was last doing this analysis.  And I follow that guideline – I always try to cap out my decks at 16 or 17 Pokemon and try not to include more than that.

At a little more than 17 Items per list (including Tools), Garbodor fans are probably a little disappointed at the underwhelming Item counts in many decklists.

Stadiums are just a little more than two per list.  Pair that with the fact that most lists aren’t playing Field Blowers (and those that are only carry a single copy), and the meta is screaming out for Shrine of Punishment archetypes.

147 of the 189 decks (77.78%) ran at least one GX Pokemon.  It would be my guess that in Memphis the proportion of Field Blowers / Stadiums to GX archetypes will increase.

There’s been a lot of talk of mill increasing at Memphis.  Here are the placings for Malamar:

You’ll just want to make sure you include Switches and not just Escape Board… but that makes me wonder, why have I heard multiple people say to include Switch?  Isn’t the better inclusion Altar of the Moone?  Especially if you have multiple Malamar on the bench?  Malamar isn’t worried about energy removal, and Switch can only be used once.  If you have Altar of the Moone, you’re forcing your opponent to go Magical Ribbon for a Field Blower or Stadium, and believe me – as someone who has Magical Ribboned probably more than a thousand times – those are NOT two cards you want to have to get off Magical Ribbon.  You want a hammer, an energy, and a Max Potion.  If you have to get Field Blower, that means you’re not going to be able to Ribbon for something you probably will need.  But I digress… sorry I could talk about Sylveon all night.

135 of the 189 top finishing decks in the first four tournaments of this young season ran SPE.  That’s 71.4%.  Looking at the top thirty-two overall – the top eight from each event – the rate of SPE is even higher.  24 of the top 32 decks – 75% – ran SPE, and only one of those 24 top eight decks ran just a single SPE card.  Almost all of them ran two and in most cases more SPE… a few even ran seven or eight SPE.

You really have to consider running four E Hammers if you’re going to Memphis.  If a deck ran SPE, it averaged 3.44 SPE cards per list.

Only four of the overall top thirty-two decks (top eight at each event) ran E Hammers:

25 of the overall top 32 decks ran at least one copy of Judge OR Marshadow SLG.  Seventeen of the thirty-two ran Judge, eleven ran Marshadow, and three teched both of them into their lists.

This is where I’d like to place a plug for Plusle.  He’s cute, he’s so cheerful and happy, pink and cuddly.

Oh, and he’ll put a boatload of cards in your hand.  I averaged almost eight cards a play when I tested him recently.




And I think I’m going to wrap it up here.  Let me know if you have anything you’d like to see statistically.



  1. Interesting numbers there….I do hope mill/disruption doesn’t become prolific going into this weekend, especially when I want to see how Dragon Majesty shapes the meta and whatnot. And I honestly agree with Altar of the Moone in Malamar to counter Sylveon plays. And if you add in a Lusamine you wind up getting back supporters and stadiums. Just a matter of whether they want to do so or not, because Shrine malamar decks cannot afford Altar of the moone: they need the Shrine or they miss out on knockouts against GX’s, which are not totally eliminated from the format at all.

    On an unrelated note, I want to relay some news that might shock you and perhaps readers alike….. These are rumors, but from what I read on Pokebeach there seems to be some credibility to this. Now, we will not get these cards until next year, but here’s what I picked up from the article:

    Shaymin EX’s successor is rumored to be Dedenne GX, with an ability that might end up something like, “When you play this Pokemon from your hand, you may discard your hand. If you do, draw 6 cards.” This is basically a built in Sycamore, but as an ability. I’m excited, but I’m sure a lot of players will taste the salt at the prospect of a Shaymin-like card returning.

    And on the topic of Tag Team GX’s, there is the Pheromosa & Buzzwole GX card that is rumored to take all 6 Prize cards at once, which is presumably done when knocking out an opposing tag team GX. If that’s the case, the cards balanced. Then again, that just means you do not want to be on the receiving end of such a knock out, cuz that is definitely overkill.

    Now will Dedenne GX see play if it turns out to be that ability to discard draw 6…yes. At more than 1, probably not because there’s a good chance it’ll be weak to Fighting and have low hp like Shaymin, so should it have a low Hp it will unfortunately have the Shaymin Syndrome that things like Marshadow and Manaphy had in the past: low HP, happy opponent, because there goes 2 easy prizes for anyone.

    But I’m surprisingly not that hyped for these cards.

    Even more surprising is that I’ve been very tamed about Lost Thunder. Yes there’s all these amazing cards and it’s a large set to collect and whatnot, but my excitement is pretty sedated at this time, even though I want to pick up the White Kyurems, the Primarinas, Zeraoras, Lugias, Naganadels, and Blacephalons among other things….getting Dragon Majesty in September really helped contain the withdrawal symptoms of no new cards after all XD

    On another note: for anti-Sylveon support, just run Resource management Oranguru. yeah it’s only a 3 card recovery, but those are 3 cards that can make or break you, and Sylveon can only 2 shot ya on that note. Lastly, this is NOT puzzles of time format; if the Sylveon player runs out of hammers and key disruption cards…that’s a wrap (thank goodness for that).

    Now Pyroar can counter Sylveon….but Pyroar won’t see play, because even if a deck counters another, if you aren’t able to fight toe to toe with the rest of your matchups, you’re deck is basically Mosquito repellent that won’t save you from a swarm of wasps hovering overhead.

  2. Sylveon + Kukui though = sad Oranguru : (

    Yes Sylveon lost so much from Flare grunt to handiwork to puzzles it took a huge hit post rotation. I was surprised though that it wasn’t running Diantha to get back Max potions or E hammers. I suppose Hampus probably figured if you can take 1 prize you’ll probably take them all anyways.

    I’m expressing some concern now about these tag team Pokemon and the giant leap forward they’re taking. How much farther are they going to push the limits of the game? Or is there no end and we’ll see massive 500 HP Pokemon that can do 1000 damage?

  3. Do not despair Harvey. Tag Team GXs are not op at all. Rather they are high risk, high reward cards that will reward you greatly if you triumphantly set up just right, or punish you if you allow a knockout to occur. Take the rumored BuzzMosa GX: if his attack aims at Tag Team GXs and only them, the card is balanced. And yes…I know Pikachu & Zekrom GX is frightening, because post rotation we will still have Honey gather Ribombee, Magnezone, Steven’s Resolve….I tested out a lightning variant of that by dissecting the Dusk Mane variant, and I found that it was not as difficult to set up a Magnezone than if you didn’t have Stevens and Leles (but I need the Zekrom GX to come out soon (non TagTeam), because it will be the first basic lightning GX worth testing before Lost Thunder…except it will be out on the 26th sooooo yeah: too late by then, but may be fun.

    Non-Gxs are getting strong too: if Shrine, Band, and all these other amazing non-Gxs continue to shine, then this threat of Tag Team GXs will be mitigated greatly, and you will swipe your 3 prizes with the greatest of ease. It might get tempestuous after we see the other TTGXs, but for now just stick with what you know and don’t panic.

    Side note, and this caught me off guard completely: Pokemon FINALLY RELEASED THE PROMO SOLGALEO AND LUNALA GX’s!!! There was no announcement, not warning, nothing at all. They are out…it might be hard to pick up, but I’m pumped like crazy. This is it: this is what I wanted all along!

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