Pokemon Stats September 2018

Hello dear readers – I haven’t done this in awhile, but here are my stats for the month of September.  In case you don’t know, I keep very thorough stats on every match I play (371 this month), and then I put those stats together at the end of the month to tell the story about what happened to me on PTCGO.

The groundrules here, since its been awhile:

  • All data is from matches played on the ladder or in events on PTCGO
  • All data is from matches played in the Standard format
  • The date range is from August 28th – September 29 2018
  • When I refer to meta decks, I am specifically identifying the following archetypes:
    • Buzzwole Garbodor (possibly Weavile also) Shrine
    • Rayquaza Vikavolt
    • Zoroark Lycanroc
    • Malamar Psychic Toolbox (“Gas Can”)
  • Maybe I should also include other decks too, but those are the majority of top finishing archetypes in the month of September.

    • I was fifty fifty against non meta decks, but only won 38% against meta
    • If I had advantage and was up against non meta, I won 57% of the time
    • I only had the advantage 31% of the time
    • Opp had advantage 42% of the time
    • I faced meta decks only 23% of the time

  • If my deck was weak, I still won 38% of the time
  • If I had weakness advantage I won 79% of the time

  • If you think you’re going up against meta decks, you should run E Hammers!
  • However, just on the typical ladder games, E Hammers will be dead cards in half the matches you play.  Could be good Trade or Power Draw fodder though.
  • Against meta decks that ran SPE, I lost almost two thirds of the games I played.

  • My opponents only played hammers (E Hammer, Crushing Hammer, Plumeria, Team Skull Grunt) 11% of the time
  • I lost eight of the nine games I played against meta decks that ran hammers

  • I faced decks with Psychic Pokemon as their feature attackers more often than any other type.
  • Second most common feature Pokemon were Dark.
  • This includes multiple types (i.e. Zoroark GX Shiftry GX would be recorded as one count for both Dark and Grass Pokemon).

  • If you can put together a deck with Fire and Fighting Pokemon, you will have weakness advantage A LOT!
  • Very few decks I face have Water weakness.  I’ve actually seen more Lightning weak Pokemon than Water weak.

And here are the most common Pokemon I faced and how often they beat me (minimum 5 matches):

And here is the full list:

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  1. Very useful stats, can’t wait for lost thunder, maybe Raichu GX will finally be good

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