Primarina — 150 HP — [W]
Stage 2 — Evolves from Brionne

Ability: Harmonics
Whenever you attach an Energy card from your hand, you may attach up to 2 Energy instead. (Ignore this effect if the Energy is attached to a Pokémon with an Ability other than Harmonics, or a Trainer card.)

[W][C][C] Hypno Splash: 80
Your opponent’s Active Pokémon is now Asleep.

weakness: [G]×2
retreat: 2

Illus. Shin Nagasawa
Lost Thunder — 67/214 — Rare

C’mon, tell me you aren’t tempted by this card.  Be honest – to be able to attach two energy every turn?  What a huge advantage!  And that’s in addition to Psychic Recharge, Beast Rings, Aqua Patch, or any other means of acceleration.  AND it’s ANY energy – you could attach two DCE in the same turn!

Seriously, don’t try to tell me this doesn’t peak your interest.  How feasible is it, how consistent will it be?  I don’t know.  But think about a Garchomp deck that has a Primarina on the bench.  Or Blacephelon.  Or Zeraora.

Maybe this will be a “trap” Pokemon, but you can be that I’m going to try to spring this trap!  I just don’t know what deck I’m going to with this first.  Maybe Garchomp.  Maybe Turtonator.  The only thing that holds me back is that the way it’s worded, it sounds like you have to have both energy in hand at the same time.  Also, I’m sure it doesn’t stack.  But still, this is definitely a Pokemon I’m going to try to tech into some lists.


  1. I’ll say this much: this Primarina is arguably Primarina GX’s final saving grace here Harvey. With Spread and Shrine stacked against the poor mermaid seal thing, her non-GX lost thunder variant is the final sliver of hope she has left before rotating out next year. If this card does not up her chances at being a decent rogue deck to play, then the GX is finished.

    As a non-GX, you are forgetting about one thing my dude: White Kyurem. Sure it’s been established that Arceus Prism/Koko/Pheromosa is the set up to go for getting up a Kyurem, but White Kyurem with Primarina isn’t a terrible idea at all. It hits like a truck and if you truly wanted to go the extra mile: Alolan Ninetales and the GX counterpart: Blizzard Burn Spamming alongside a 1-1 Ribombee line can happen as well. Great potential, but it’ll be tricky.

    On an unrelated note: Decidueye/Zoroark….omg, that deck fell off the pony big time. It’s trash, people were finessing on me while I tried to get something going….I can’t wait for Professor Elm to come our way: I really don’t wanna rule out this deck as garbage, but if Elm can’t save that deck, drop it altogether.

    If anything, I had better luck with Metagross and Malamar shrine without a doubt, with Malamar just sending people out the door for sure.

    Now…Lost Thunder is coming in a few days, this Thursday to be exact (PTCGO wise). Biggest deck I’m looking forward to: Alolan Exeggutor. It’s just fun, strong, and stuff like Lugia Gx isn’t that big of a deal against it. However, Zeraora’s high speed setup alongside Thunder Mountain…fighting might be strong, but Lightning will be coming in strong. And while metal may not have as big of a representation this time around, don’t sleep on Scizor or Dialga: those two have potential as well if played in their proper deck, more so Dialga for the Time Down attack (if you can’t OHKO a stage 1 or higher, devolve them).. As for the other decks in general…I wouldn’t even cry if I didn’t get the GXs; it’s the non-GX cards that are shaping up to be the best of the best of the set, well, besides the blinged out secret rares and whatnot (Professor Elm’s Lecture full art, Nest ball, Electric power, and counter gain will be worth a lot so there’s that).

    Other than that, lets all have a wonder week!

  2. Great idea to pair Primarina with White Kyurem! I can’t wait for Thursday!!! I’ll be publishing an anti Lost March article soon. I’m sure it’ll be non stop Jumpluff and Natu on PTCGO.

    1. Yes!! Like, spread can do away with Lost March and Cofagrigus/Giratina slaps them down too. Not only that, but Sigilyph GX basically tells your opponent: “Do enough to take me out, but I’ll still take you down with me”.

      One other deck that’s a lot more risky to try but peculiar would have to be Vespiquen. Combee’s good in that it sends three combee down to your bench. And if you get out a 1-1 Grovyle line, you’ll be able to get out your Queen Bee and hit for 120.

      Then there’s Raikou, who can hit 120 if there’s a Lightning energy in the lost zone, buuuut with Electric power that damage augments by a lot more. Budget options there.

      Man I just can’t wait to see what all these decks do. And not even just that: I wanna see what these cards will do for other decks that we got in standard, and given that Grovyle’s ability is amazing as can be for grass decks. things like Sceptile and any stage 2 like Venusaur will benefit from this, meaning that some might even want to dust off their Shining Genesects once more; why not :3

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