Perhaps the most heralded pure draw support card coming out of the Lost Thunder expansion set, Sightseer allows you to draw cards until you have five in hand and let’s you discard as many cards as you want from your hand prior to drawing.  If you have five crappy cards in hand and want to dump them all, you can do that and you’ll get five new cards to replace them.  If you have one card in hand but don’t want to lose it, you can still get four new cards from Sightseer.

This isn’t an awful card, but I think we have better options available to us than Sightseer.  Clearly, it’s not nearly as good as Cynthia.  It’s not as good as Lillie, either, in most archetypes.  Is it even as good as Tate & Liza, considering Tate & Liza has the dual functionality of being a switch card or a draw card.  There could be many scenarios where – even after discarding a couple of cards – you still only get two or three new cards after playing this.  With Sophocles, you discard two cards and get a guaranteed four.  With Sightseer, you could potentially discard more than two cards and get back less than that four you would have received from Sophocles.

Sightseer reminds me of Psychic’s Third Eye (BKP 108), and that card saw zero play and let you look at your opponent’s hand.  It’s my theorymon that Sightseer will see a little bit of play initially, and then people will realize that it’s not a very good card, and move on to something else.


  1. Harvey, I have no doubt in my mind that Sightseer and Zebstrika will see play. Psychic’s Third eye was terrible because we had Sycamore, Judge isn’t as good today because N made sure that you got yourself a sliver of hope left to mount some sort of comeback. But today we see Judge at times because our hands grow larger than our last format with little disruption….Copycat would see more play, but it’s situational and is a mere one or two of for that reason, if at all.

    With Zebstrika, that is our Sycamore, that is our Shaymin to get our puzzle pieces together. And Sightseer thins through the deck in conjunction with that card.

    Now could Sightseer end up a dud? Perhaps. But sometimes you just gotta test the waters to see if a new card works, or just left in the dust. Take Dunsparce: Lotta hype, Professor Elm’s Lecture looks to replace it in an instant in Zororark decks, or Lele using decks too.

    Now I will share what was on my mind earlier on: Why are some stage 2 decks viable in this format. Well, if you look at things like Swampoleon, Metagross/Solgaleo, and to a much lesser extent baby Blaziken, they have cards that a lot of other typings don’t have that help with their setup. Swampert compliments Empoleon via Beacon from Alolan Vulpix, Metagross has Steven’s resolve and Algorithm GX, And baby Blaziken had a fire bird to drop 3 down and if you get Magcargo up then you are ready to skim through the setup phase. Oh, and Sylveon: Gardevoir sets up well with that fairy too.

    The format’s slowed down much I do admit, but the inclusion of Sightseer and Zebstrika look to add more speed to decks like Alolan Exeggutor, who benefits from Sightseer/Ribombee plays, and Zeraora will gladly appreciate the discards to ramp up his GX attack. What players should be worried about is Dedenne GX next year: probably an easy 2 prizes taken, but if Lele rotates next year, this will see more play and then the Tag Team GXs might end up becoming the type of high risk-high reward mechanic that will basically be more along the lines of: “If I get this beast up and take all the prizes as fast as I can, I win. If they take the beast done, I’ll lose”.

    And given that Shrine of Punishment and Malamar/Necrozma plays can be done….spread might be the bane of the Tag team GXs (I say this because I somehow took 6 prizes against Rayquaza that way…can’t say I deserve the win, but I didn’t wanna concede that game: I held on by the skin of my teeth).

    Rambling aside….I wanna give Sightseer a shot, especially with some of these new decks. We’re approaching November little by little: I would be shocked if the format didn’t change up by December, and it’s these new tools that will enable such a shift.

    Of course if the company ever reprints N…I’m sure a lot of people would either rejoice or convulse into madness XD

  2. I’m already going crazy so I guess that means N’s not far away.

    Let me know how Sightseer works for you, I’m going to pass on it and see if I can get a double Zebstrika engine with ZERO draw support cards to work….

    1. That last part is a great conundrum dude….you might want consider some Lillies at least to give yourself a shot at board set up (then again Zebstrika/Zoroark is a bit crazy of an idea…idk). But I understand that Sightseer might not see too much play everywhere. However, with Zoroark variants, Alolan Exeggutor, maybe even Dusk Mane, some decks just benefit ya more so than others. Spread probably doesn’t need it, and I know Metagross can ditch this thing. It’s just going to be a hit in some decks, and a miss in many others. No biggie!

      And heaven forbid N returning…the salt you shall feel at being 1 prize away only to get slapped by a Zoroark is a great salt fest.

      1. Except if you have Zebstrika on the bench you WANT your opponent to N you!

  3. I doubt itll see play, honestly, Cheren or Tierno or Hau would be better than this

  4. If the card said “Discard your hand and draw 5 cards” it would get respect, and it is better than that. That would be almost as good as Cynthia, since you can’t get cards back that you can’t play. It’s no Sycamore, but with discipline (like vowing to only keep one stage 2 or one rare candy to draw 4 at the least) it is a close as we have to it in standard.

  5. Hi James – welcome to PDC. So I do have to say that I’m swinging back towards thinking that Sightseer might be more effective than I thought when I wrote this piece. Having the option to keep cards in hand could be very good. And it might be best in a late game situation where you have three or four or more cards in hand and maybe only five or six cards in your deck. If you need one specific card and have five cards in deck and five cards in hand and play Cynthia, your chances of getting that one specific card are about 50 -50. If you dump your hand with Sightseer in that scenario, your chances of getting the one card you need are 100%. And if you have a deck that doesn’t mind throwing stuff into the discard pile – and I’m looking at you Squids decks that can never get Psychic energy in there quickly enough – Sightseer can help be a limited Battle Compressor.

  6. I actually just used Sightseer when I had 3 cards left in deck to draw out and get my last Guzma. I’m not sure how many belong, but depending on the deck, it is useful. I guess the same thing would have happened with a Hau 🙂

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