Statistical Analysis of Attacks Since the Beginning of the 2018-2019 Standard Format

Hello all – I have tracked all of my attacks since the beginning of the new standard format back in the very last days of August.  Yes, I’ve been attacked more than a thousand times since then, and I figured that this would be a good time to detail out all of the data from all of those attacks.

As usual, the ground rules I used for this study:

  • All matches were played in the Standard format on PTCGO either on the versus ladder or in events.
  • All matches were played on or after 8/28/2018.
  • The amount of damage only reflects the amount of damage done to the active Pokemon.  If no damage was done to the active Pokemon but damage was done to a benched Pokemon, damage is recorded as zero but the damage done to the bench is recorded as Y.
  • Weakness and Resistance are ignored.  If Buzzwole FLI 77 used Sledgehammer on Zoroark GX, it was recorded as 30 damage not 60.
  • I did not include damage from attacks done by my Pokemon, only damage done by my opponent’s was included.
  • Special Conditions includes Poison, Paralysis, Burn, Sleep, and Confusion.

I recorded 1,004 attacks between August 28th and October 20th.  116 of these attacks (12%) were for no damage to the active Pokemon or the bench.  Of those 12%, here’s the breakdown of those 116 attacks:

  • Add Prize card 1 (1%)
  • Card Draw 39 (33%)
  • Discard Opponent’s Cards 1 (1%)
  • Energy Acceleration 13 (10%)
  • Energy Discard 4 (3%)
  • Protection 1 (1%)
  • Select Pokemon 45 (38%)
  • Special Conditions 12 (10%)

You can see that by far the majority of the times that a Pokemon employs an attack that does no damage, that attack is for either card draw or to select Pokemon from the deck.  Special Conditions and Energy Discard are only a small fraction (20% combined) of attacks that do no damage.

Of the 1,004 attacks, the average amount of damage done was 85.5.

If you take out all of the zero damage attacks, that number rises to 100.16.

Of the 858 attacks that actually did damage, 162 of those attacks were enhanced (19%).  By enhanced, I mean that they used Choice Band, Diancie Prism, or some other mechanism to increase the amount of damage done to the active Pokemon.

22 of the 1,004 attacks functioned to accelerate energy attachments.  That’s barely 2%.

53 of the 1,004 attacks inflicted a Special Condition upon the opponent’s active Pokemon.  That’s just a little more than 5% of all attacks.

Every attack (all 39 cases) that was used for card draw did no damage to the opponent’s active Pokemon.  That means that attacks used for card draw were done solely for that purpose and were employed just a fraction under four percent of the time (3.9%).

Attacks that involved protection occurred 13 times in the 1,004 attacks.  This is just over 1%.  The most common of these was Dawn Wings Necrozma GX’s Moon’s Eclipse GX.

Damage to the opponent’s bench occurred 100 times in 1,004 attacks (10%).  69 of these did damage to both the active Pokemon as well as the bench, while 31 of them inflicted damage only upon benched Pokemon.

45 of the 1,004 (4.5%) attacks served to bring Pokemon into play from either the deck or the discard pile.

Only 6 of the 1,004 attacks provided any healing of any amount to any Pokemon.

Only 9 attacks functioned to switch a benched Pokemon with the active one.

Only eight attacks discarded energy from the active Pokemon.

Here’s the list of average amount of damage done, highest to lowest:

And here’s what it looks like if I remove every zero damage attack:

And the most common attackers I face:

Here’s the link to all of the data in case you want to dig around in the data itself:

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