Statistical Analysis of the Top Performing Decklists of the First Four Tournaments of the 2018-2019 Season

We’ve given you stats on Copycat, on Friend Ball, on the general tendencies of decks on PTCGO over the first month in the new rotation AND still to come in the next week or two is an analysis of attacks since the start of the new season… but today we’ll bring you what you’ll want to look at if you are going to Memphis this weekend.  Below is a statistical breakdown of all of the top performing decks in each of the first four tournaments so far this season.

Thanks as always to the good people at LimitlessTCG for supplying the raw data behind this analysis.

This analysis includes:

  • 32 decklists from SPE Melbourne Australia on September 1st
  • 24 decklists from Regional Santa Catarina Brazil on September 8th
  • 78 decklists from Regional Philadelphia, PA USA on September 15th
  • 55 decklists from Regional Offenbach Germany on September 29th

This is a total of 189 decklists.

So 70% of the 189 top performing decks ran at least one Tapu Lele GX, and of those decks that did carry Tapu Lele GX, they averaged two copies per deck.

Baby Buzz was the second most common Pokemon behind Tapu Lele GX, followed by Oranguru, Diancie Prism, and Let Loose Marshadow.  About a third of these decks ran Marshadow SLG but almost everyone who included it in their sixty cards only brought in a single copy.  28% of decks were Zoroark GX decks.

The two decks that did not run Cynthia were both Sylveon GX decks, 70th place in Philadelphia (Carl Sitavi) and the 1st place list from Germany (Hampus Eriksson).  And it’s a complete mistake to not run four copies of Cynthia in Sylveon but I’m probably going to do a feature on Sylveon this weekend and I’ll get into that more when I write that article.

The two decks that did not run Guzma were the 59th place list at Philadelphia (Manuel Jorach) Dusk Mane Necrozma GX Magnezone and the 20th place list from Brazil (Thiago Jesus) Weavile BUS Buzzwole FLI.

Players are running at least three if not four copies of Guzma, and two or even three copies of Lillie.  Half of the top performing decks carry one or two Judge.

Right or wrong, this is what Supporters the top performing decks are playing.

Ultra Ball is the most common Item, followed by Rescue Stretcher and Nest Ball.  Only 22% of decks are running Rare Candy – which means more than three quarters of the decks out there do not run Stage 2 Pokemon.

Only 29% of decks run Field Blower, so you fans of the new Goomy Hustle Belt archetype might do well in Memphis….

Only 15% of decks run E Hammer.  I am going to try to come up with the average Item count decks are running (for Garbodor fans) and how many decks are running SPE, but that’s not going to happen tonight.  Putting this together has taken several hours over the past three days.  Look for a part two tomorrow.

Choice Band still the most common Tool and Weakness Policy has returned to the binder.  With only 29% of decks playing Field Blower and usually only a single copy, we can confidently use Tools and expect that they’ll stay attached to the Pokemon we want them secured to.

Shrine of Punishment is a meta defining card.  A lot of GX decks still aren’t running Stadiums or Field Blowers to counter it.

I’ll try to get some more stats up tomorrow night, but this is a pretty good start and should give you something to chew on.


  1. Really useful stuff here. I was wondering why there was less articles these past few days. Now I know that was because of this monstrosity of stats

  2. Yeah it was about five or six hours between Monday and Wednesday. A big chunk of that was figuring out a transfer issue – when I brought over the data, some of the spaces came over coded as one thing and some of the spaces came over coded as another. I actually had to select the entire area, CTRL-F, leave the find field empty and paste in a space into the replace field. In my twenty plus years of being an Excel guru (I’m sure Mike’s laughing at me calling myself an excel guru), I’ve never had to do that before. It’s a really neat trick, I should probably include that in a video.

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