Top Ten Reasons Chimecho WON’T Break the Meta

10. No one knows exactly how to pronounce its name.

9. Chimecho is mortally allergic to giant mosquitoes.

8. If Inkay puts you to sleep even once, it’s game over.

7. There’s some full art card on the ladder that you might be able to use to strand one of your opponent’s heavy bench Pokemon up into the active and give you the turn you need to evolve your ability Pokemon.

6. Garchomp beats you pretty easily, and if you’re playing a deck that struggles against Garchomp, in addition to struggling up the ladder on PTCGO (I’ve faced Garchomp nine times in 75 matches so far this month), you should have to write 21 times, “I will not play a deck that loses to one of the most common Pokemon on the ladder.”

5. I don’t understand why people were so worried about this in the mirror.  If you don’t want to attack with Inkay, Deoxys OHKO’s Chimeco.

4. Nest ball still lets you drop Rayquazas down onto the bench.

3. Registeel laughs at you as you do zero damage to it while it powers up benched Cosmogs and Cosmoems.

2. It doesn’t have a “Lost March” attack so it will be completely irrelevant in a month anyways.

  1. The Psychic types already have all of the best Pokemon right now anyways.  When you have a Psychic Toolbox that doesn’t include Trashalanche, that’s just too many good cards in a single typing.  Seriously, the designers need to spread some of the love.  They need to give Water some better cards (only 13 top finishing decklists out of the 189 available to me were Water types).

You can find a short video I did on it here.  Granted, a couple of people just up and quit, but I think they gave up too early.



  1. As someone that’s watched the anime before, Chimecho is Chime-Echo, all said at once. Easy stuff there.
    And Chimecho can be strong if you catch the opponent at the wrong time. Now will I use Chimecho? No. Why? Simple.
    In most of my decks, I prioritize the setup more than anything else. Rather do that than to use an attack that acts as a pseudo-hex maniac that isn’t an ability.

    And I saw your greninja build the other day: Chimecho was not the play. Sucks to see Greninja not perform so well, but it is what it is. We need a baby Greninja to help get it going, that way you could add Shrine and do some shenanigans like the other shrine decks. But anyways, Chimecho isn’t the play….Lana would actually do more for Greninja than Chimecho, so for players using this card: keep it inside Psychic box only. Other decks: don’t splash energies around if you aren’t Exeggutor.

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