What are the Best Days to Play on PTCGO?

Something I do every six months or so is take a look at how I do on any particular given night of the week.  That’s when I normally play, from 9 PM to Midnight EST, pretty much every day of the week.  As you’re about to see below, however, not all nights are created equally when it comes to level of competition:

This is since the beginning of the new rotation, August 28th.  It’s almost humorous that I play the fewest number of games on Wednesday but Wednesday is my best day of the week to play.  I win sixty percent of the matches I play on Wednesday.  Conversely, I play most of my matches on Friday (19% – almost twice as much as Wednesday), and Friday is my second worst day of the week, only two percentage points better than Thursday’s low of about 43%.

If I just look at recent trends in the month of October, the pattern stays very similar.  Thursday and Friday are my worst days at 42% and 47% win percentages respectively, and I actually win 70% of my matches on Wednesday in the month of October.  Sunday’s a close second at 67% and Saturday’s alright at 59%.

Hence, why I’m writing an article tonight, Thursday night, instead of grinding away at the ladder.

Hand in hand, of course, with this goes the statistic of how often I see meta decks.  Overall, since the beginning of the new season, I season meta decks most frequently on Thursdays, about 30% of the decks I face on Thursday are meta decks.  I see the fewest meta decks on Saturday and Sunday, 14% and 16% respectively.  That trend does vary a little bit in October, however, with my highest percentage of meta decks coming on Sunday (33%).  My lowest percentage, though, is still Wednesday at 11%.

So bottom line: if you’ve got a choice, plan on moving your playing time away from Thursday and Friday.  Unless, of course, you want to go up against more difficult opponents.  It’s a cliche, but it’s true: you have to play the best to be the best.  My son’s soccer team a couple of seasons ago played at a low level of competition, and they won a lot of games, thirteen in a row at one point.  But I felt like we were regressing, getting away with bad habits, doing things that we wouldn’t be able to do against tougher competition.

It’s one thing to grind the ladder and take advantage of easy opponents to go get that FA Guzma, just don’t forget that you learn more from your losses than you do your wins.