Zebstrika is a much anticipated card coming out of the new expansion set Lost Thunder.  This card allows you to draw four cards from the top of your deck… IF you discard every card in your hand.

Let me know what you think?  Will a lot of decks be running this?  Or will it just be a few decks that don’t want to risk discarding cards they won’t necessarily be able to get back?

And i just thought of this: maybe more decks will run cards like Judge or Copycat.  With Judge, you would then only have to discard at most four cards.  With Copycat, if your opponent has only a couple (maybe 2 or 3) cards in hand, it will probably be easier to activate Fast Break.  If your opponent has a large hand, then you get to get a bunch of cards in your hand after playing Copycat.  Copycat might become a kind of hedge to ensure you can draw more cards one way or another.

Link to the video where I do some theorymon on what decks might best benefit from Zebstrika.


  1. I might run Zebstrika in my Raichu list. Also, do you know if there is a set list for lost thunder?

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