Blacephelon GX

Alright so I gave Captain Cake Pop a go as my first LOT decklist… but it didn’t do particularly well.  I definitely feel there are ways to improve on the list though so let me know what you think.


  1. I think what you need to do is check out the Japanese tournament results that was posted on Limitless a couple of weeks ago. Basically that deck had no Shedninja, no Zebstrika, Just Poipoles, Naganadels, 2 Lele, and quad Blacephalon. Among other things there’s a Kiawe in there as well so Turn 1 Blacephalon can go online, and even if he gets knocked out, that means you’ll be at Beast Ring range to thin through the deck faster from there. I think you might see more fluid plays if you go that route.

    On a random note to Pokedeck Central readers: consider picking up Prerelease boxes or codes, especially if you have trouble pulling Naganadels and Giratinas like I did. I picked two up yesterday and wound up getting the Giratina both times with a copy of Naganadel respectively, so very neat, very respectable. Still luck based, but hey I’ll take these odds over a 200+ set ratio.

    1. Actually I need to make a very huge comment on the theme decks that I didn’t know about….

      Key Cards in Storm Caller: 1 Zebstrika, 2 Naganadel, 1 Lillie, 1 Escape Rope, 2 Nest Balls, 2 Kukuis, 2 Rescue Stretchers, 1 Switch, 1 Tate and Liza, 2 Timer balls, 1 Ultra Ball, 1 copycat, 1 Fan Club.

      In Blazing Volcano, and this might shock some people: Entei, TWO BLAZIKEN (yes, from Dragon Majesty), Magcargo, Guzma, Mallow, Sightseer, and several of the same cards that Storm Caller has….

      These theme decks are great for players, especially those that need Naganadels or Blazikens and are absolutely fresh to the game. What an amazing thing to see.

        1. I believe so, and I would also get the Raikou theme decks too for Naganadels if you can manage it. Shockingly enough….I can actually see some sneaky ideas out of Naganadel (Like Naganadel/Quagsire for example: move water from the discard pile to themselves, then Quagsire to whatever active mon you like! A very interesting play if I do say so myself) :3

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