Lost March

Alright so I decided to bite the bullet and get three Jumpluff and try out Lost March.  I didn’t particularly enjoy it and I found that it somewhat underperformed.  It has more limitations that didn’t initially occur to me.  I had a number of matches where pieces of the underlying Jumpluff line were prized – a couple Hoppips or a couple of Skiplooms – and that’s led me to believe that Natu might be the real attacker in this deck.  I rarely was able to get all eight Hoppip and Skiploom into the Lost Zone.

But overall  I just didn’t really like it that much.  It’s very clunky and has a very constructed, inorganic feel to it.  Here’s the list that I used – and I’m sure this isn’t the best list, I’m sure that there are other people who will come up with better 60 card lineups than this.


  1. Really like this deck, gotta buy the stuff to try it out, also, you mind if I do an article about Raichu/Zeraora deck theory/analysis? I think it has potential to be good.

  2. Sure Red. I sent an email to the address you used to register did you not get it?

  3. Alright. I don’t check that email very often, I mainly check my school email, sorry. I’ll go check it right now.

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