Zeraora GX Rayquaza GX up to 240 damage on turn 2!

Zeraora GX has been on of the most popular cards that we’ve featured here on PDC since Lost Thunder debuted almost three weeks ago.  This is now the fourth article we’ve featured on the Thundercat from LOT.  This version completely sells out on a turn 1 Full Voltage to accelerate as many energy as possible onto the board… and onto Rayquaza GX so it can hit for a ton of damage on your turn two.

That means you will have to defer and go second, but if you know me, I often prefer decks that can get an attack off first and use it to accelerate my development.  I’m usually able to do that and get the Full Voltage on turn 1.  It doesn’t always happen that way, but with the list I have it happens a solid majority of the time.

This deck is better for climbing the ladder than for IRL or even events on PTCGO.  I have been somwhat surprised at how I have struggled with it despite the fact that I can hit for high numbers frequently.  I’m now 15 W 13 L with it, so I’ve crossed over the .500 mark, but before the video below I had actually lost more than I won (11 W 12 L).

This deck does have a lot of things going against it:

  • It’s very Shrine susceptible.
  • It struggles against single prize archetypes.
  • There are a lot of Fairy Pokemon running around.
  • If you don’t hit the turn 1 Full Voltage, you can struggle to get energy on the board until your opponent gets into Beast Ring territory, but you Beast Rings can only attach to Pheramosa – they can only increase damage they can’t be used to power up Rayquaza or Zeraora.
  • It’s very early game focused, I don’t have many late game cards in this list.

But games are usually fast, one way or another, so if you want a deck that can potentially help you climb the ladder quickly, this deck’s for you.