Is this the Best Card in the Standard Format?

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately but I’ve been super busy and when I have had time I just really want to play.  And all I want to play is spread, and I really don’t want to do videos on the same thing over and over.   But I do want to share a really good list:

I’ve gone 9 W 3 L with this list.  I’ve used some other versions, too, and had signficant success.  Overall, with Promo Tapu Koko, I’ve gone 34 W 15 L this month.  Spread archetypes are in a great position right now in the game.  If you’d like to climb the ladder, I’d highly recommend this or another build similar to it.


  1. How about a counter gain or two? This would allow Fan Rotom to attack for one attachment mid-game. And then at that point, a single Necrozma GX might be tempting.

  2. I can attest to Koko’s great power in standard: he just helps out so, so much with the numbers that honestly he should be the definitive MVP of the Sun and Moon block. Aside from your build, Malamar is a very suitable deck for players as well, given that you don’t need Lele’s and you spread damage around to knockout later down the line.

    And Harvey you are a Greninja GX fan so I do hope you saw Pokebeach this morning: The second dark type Greninja we’ve ever had comes out next year and it’s not a GX, but rather a powerful stage 2 with an attack you’ll love:

    [C][C] Bring Down: Choose 1 Pokemon (yours or your opponent’s) with the fewest remaining HP (excluding this Pokemon) and that Pokemon is now Knocked Out.

    You really got nothing to fear now when it comes to Tag Team Gxs: some snipes here and there and Greninja assassinates. I love it.

    And it has free retreat: a plus indeed.

    1. Wow, that Greninja is super over powered! Do you know how much HP it has?

      1. Sorry for the delayed reply: I’m sure you already found the answer to that but this Greninja is 130 HP, not too bad really, especially when the attack’s pretty nice.

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