November Data Analysis

Hey guys – here are my stats from November!

Overall, I won 53.33% of my games in November (160 W 140 L).  I won 49% of my matches against meta decks.  I’m calling the following “meta”:

  • Gardevoir GX
  • Zoroark GX
  • Granbull
  • Blacephelon GX
  • Malamar
  • Rayquaza GX
  • Buzzwole and Buzzwole GX
  • Lost March

I faced 81 “meta” decks in 300 matches (27%).  The disparity between decks I face on PTCGO and decks that are commonly found at IRL tournaments has never been greater than in the past couple of months.  I only saw Zoroark GX 27 times over the course of the month, not even once per day.  It’s getting to the point where looking at trends IRL can be helpful and give you ideas, just don’t be surprised if you build an anti-meta deck and it falls flat on its face on PTCGO.

218 of the 300 decks I went up against ran at least a single GX Pokemon (73%).  However, only 136 of these decks ran GX Pokemon as their feature Pokemon (meaning, the other 82 decks only ran Tapu Lele GX or Alolan Ninetales GX).  This means that on PTCGO, you encounter non GX Pokemon as the featured attacker 55% of the time.

My opponent’s had the weakness disadvantage more than I did this month.  They were weak to my deck 44 times, whereas I had weakness disadvantage only 38 times.  However, my win percentage was the same (55%) whether I had weakness advantage or whether I didn’t, which was somewhat disappointing and something I need to address.  I definitely lost games I should have won there.   If I figure that I should win 75% of  matches in which I have weakness advantage, I should have won nine more games than I did last month, which would have put my overall win percentage at 57%.

I did win 39% of my matches in which I had the weakness disadvantage (15 wins in 38 games).

My opponent’s decks carried special energy only 52% of the time (157 times in 300 matches).  I won 54% of matches I played against SPE decks (53% against non SPE decks), so not much difference there.  Meta decks ran SPE 67% of the time, however, and I beat them 52% of the time (versus 44% of the time when they didn’t play special energy).

Very few decks play hammers, only 7% (twenty out of 300).  I won eleven of those twenty matches.

I actually had the advantage more than my opponents this month.  I had the advantage 36% of the time, while they had the advantage 35%, and neither of us had the advantage 30% of the time.

I won 56% of the time that I had the advantage.  Continuing a curious trend from last month, I actually won more often when neither of us had the advantage.  I won 61% of the time when neither of us were favored.  I only won 44% of the games where my opponent had the advantage.

When my opponent had the advantage and played a meta deck, I lost 59% of the time.  My opponent had the advantage 42% of the time when they played a meta deck.  Again, very odd, but I won a whopping 65% of the time when neither of us had the advantage but my opponent played a meta deck.

Overall, I would say that this lends some credence to meta decks being better than non meta decks, but it also speaks to the fact that experienced players are better than non experienced ones, regardless of what deck you’re playing.

Alright now let’s get down to the really good stuff.

Here are the most common weaknesses I faced:

  • Fighting 72
  • Fire 70
  • Psychic 68
  • Metal 48
  • Grass 43
  • Fairy 30
  • Water 25
  • Lightning 21
  • Dark 14
  • Colorless 0
  • Dragon 0

So again, if you can put together a deck that has Fire, Fighting, and Psychic types, you’ll have the weakness advantage 63% of the time! (188 times in 300 matches).  I did go 3 W 1 L with a Silvally GX deck that focused on using those three memory cards….  Why didn’t I play more games with that deck?

And here are the most common types I went up against:

  • Psychic 56
  • Grass 44
  • Fighting 42
  • Fairy 37
  • Dark 36
  • Lightning 33
  • Dragon 33
  • Metal 30
  • Fire 29
  • Water 28
  • Colorless 10

So you have to think about playing Pokemon that are Psychic weak – I know I especially need to consider that.  I play a lot of Psychic Pokemon and don’t give it a second thought that I’m potentially running a card that could have weakness disadvantage (even though my opponent might have it as well).  I did not play many (any?) Grass weak decks, and I don’t play many Fighting weak Pokemon either, at least I’m conscientious of those potential pitfalls.

The most common Pokemon I faced:

Oranguru was always Instruct (SUM).  I never faced Resource Management Oranguru even a single time.

And here are the Pokemon that did best (and worst) against me (minimum five matches):