Pokemon TCG Tournaments up 42% from Last Year

Extra Extra!  Read all about it!  Pokemon TCG IRL tournaments are up 42% from last year.

We’ve played six major Standard tournaments so far this season, and attendance at these events is up 42% when compared to the first six tournaments last year:

As you can see, over a thousand more players have attended tournaments so far this season than in 2017.  This difference is even higher outside the U.S.  Fifty percent more players attended Offenbach than Bremen, 85% more attended Brisbane, and 110% more attended Sao Paulo than Belo Horizonte.  Bremen also has a significantly higher population than Offenbach, but Belo Horizonte is less than half the size of Sao Paulo.

This increase might be a little skewed by the fact that in 2017, only one of the first six tournaments was held inside the continental U.S., but two of the three U.S. tournaments have surpassed that single 2017 U.S. tournament.

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  1. This is great news! I personally think playing IRL is more fun than playing online, but I don’t have the money to join a tournament.

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