More Fun with Shrine of Punishment!

I’ve been pretty outspoken about how I feel about Shrine of Punishment, but let me say it again so there’s no mistaking my meaning:

Shrine of Punishment is making GX Pokemon unplayable.

Please don’t take this as boastful or cocky or arrogant.  This is a fact, plain and simple.  I am now on a twelve game winning streak and just won a PTCGO tournament with this list:

I went on a ten game winning streak with the Koko Honchkrow list I published the other day.  I did notice, however, that Honchkrow has a little inherent counter synergy.  If you KO something with damage on it, you’re kind of working against yourself.  So I tried a pure spread deck, a deck where I just try to dump as much damage as possible all over the board, turn after turn after turn.  You can see in the video below that this deck is working pretty well.

I will admit that the decks I played in the tournament are not as good as many of the decks I’ve beaten in this 12 game winning streak.  I’ve beaten Rayquaza, Zoroark Garbodor GRI, Baby Buzzwole Garbodor GRI, and many other good decks.

I’ve also noticed a number of times when my opponent tries to get cute and just leave out a single Pokemon.  The problem is – and you see this in the video – but Tapu Koko and Oranguru can both potentially fight as normal attackers.  Electric Ball does 100, and Psychic frequently hits for 100 or 120.  There have been a number of matches where my opponent left a Baby Buzz or Tapu Lele GX or Sceptile in the active, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to beat it only doing 20 damage a turn.  My opponents undoubtedly learned the error of their ways when a Koko or Oranguru gets promoted into the active and I attach a Counter Energy, activating the above mentioned attacks and KO’ing their only Pokemon in play.

And many times I also drop a Fairy Lele on the board early.  My opponent Guzma’s up the Lele and KO it, but that just means they’re not KO’ing something with energy attached to it, and that frees me up to make sure I can continually stream attacks turn after turn after turn.  Then at the end, I can pull Fairy Lele out of the discard with Rescue Stretcher, promote her, click on Magical Swap, and then count the coins and points I move up the ladder from my victory.

I decided to add Fan Rotom because I was looking for another spread attacker and I realized that Fan Rotom could potentially do that.  However, Fan Rotom’s greater value is in that it gives me another free retreat Pokemon that I can start a game off with and not have to worry about how I’m going to get it out of the active position.  I do attack with it sometimes, but my primary attacker is Tapu Koko.

So give this deck a whirl, hopefully it will help you climb up the ladder as much as it’s helping me!


  1. Sup guys? I’m Red, a newbie to this place but I hope you enjoy my time here!

    GXS unplayable, eh? I’d like you to reconsider that thought. Sure, with Shrine, the battles get harder, but of ya think about it, it’s ONLY 10 damage. Nothing playing 1 – 3 Field Blowers won’t solve, am I right? Sure, Garbotoxin has left the format, but still, Field Blower is still nessecary because who likes their opponent to have nice things, am I right? Choice bands.. bye bye.. shrines.. cya! They’re all gone with the simple field blower. And with running some max potions, I’m sure you’ll be able to heal your pokemon quickly. Yes, I do think these kinda decks can be good, but would I play them if you want to enjoy the TCG? No. These are the new Sylveons, people! (I hate playing that deck.) Who liked playing Sylveon? Nobody. So, hear my point, these decks are good, but I think saying gxs are unplayable is an understatement.

    Red_Ninja_Red, signing off.

  2. Thanks Red. As you read more of my work, you’ll realize that I sometimes exaggerate things just a little bit. I am definitely seeing GX decks running a lot more Max Potions and Acerolas as well. But as you can see from the videos, I’ve gone on some pretty long winning streaks with these spread decks. I run four Shrines in my spread builds and frequently carry a Lusamine as well. I’ve also been experimenting with CES Tyranitar and Exploud that can do extra damage to the active as well as spread damage on the bench. I went 8 W 1 L yesterday alone with a Tyranitar spread build. But send me an invite sometime IGN: PokeDeckCentral.
    Oh and BTW I took Sylveon to NAIC in June of 2017 : )

  3. Thank you too, man. I don’t look forward to playing these decks, as I don’t own any tapu kokos. Garb tho, will definitely be an option. And that friend request is on its way, NinjagoHamilton is my IGN. Prepare for a dose of fire!

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