2018 Year in Review

Hey guys – I started keeping track of major events in the Pokemon TCG and saved them so we could do a walk back through the greatest memories of 2018.  Enjoy!


1st week – lots of UPR anticipation, appears that meta will not ignore these cards the way it ignored SUM base set at this time last year.

3rd week –  a card coming out of the new UPR expansion is discovered to have a significant misprint.  An erratta is issued prior to the release of Cyrus to correct the misprint and bring it in line with the Japanese version.  This would be the most discussion Cyrus would get for the remainder of the year as it goes largely unplayed over the course of 2018.

4th week – Dallas (expanded) is the second largest Masters division Pokemon tournament ever with 1052 players.


1st week – Ultra Prism drops

2nd week – Oceania International, last tournament before UP release. Tord Reklev wins his 3rd straight IC with Gardevoir Zoroark (huh wonder who posted a decklist on that on Dec 11 2017 saying it would be good…  Tord must read my blogs!).

3rd week – Collinsville and Malmo. Collinsville surpasses Dallas as the new second largest Masters tournament ever with 1066 players. Zoroark Weavile finish 1 -2 at Malmo but hardly place in Collinsville…. Zoroark Golisopod, Buzzwole Lycanroc, Zoroark Lycanroc, Buzzwole Garbodor are the dominant decks with Zoroark Golisopod edging out Buzzwole Garbodor to win in Collinsville.


3rd week – Regional at Charlotte NC – four out of top five are Buzz and five out of top eight

4th week – Regional in Portland OR – Espeon Garb go 1 -2 also Sylveon and attacking Hoopa in top eight… two Buzz though in top eight


4th – International at Sao Paulo – Buzz reclaims top spot with 1 -2 finals… four Zoroark scattered throughout top eight though


May 4 Forbidden Light drops

2nd week – Regional Toronto – FLI NOT LEGAL – Buzz first Zoroark second… three Buzz in top eight, four Zoroark.

3rd / 4th weeks – small tournaments in various locations for the week FLI becomes legal… Squids do well in many, winning several.


1st week – Regional Madison – first large tournament with FLI – Buzzwole is 1 -2 and six out of top eight

3rd week – Regional Sheffield – Zoroark 1 -2 a variety in top eight

4th week – Regional Mexico City – five out of top eight are Buzz, Zoroark beats it in finals though


1st week – NAIC – we’re introduced to the Zoroark Controls archetype … Zoroark is five out of top eight and 1-2

3rd week – for the first time in the history of the game, Pokemon announces the banning of FOUR cards: Ghetsis, Wally, Hex Maniac, and Puzzle of Time. Many Pokefans burst into hysterics; a few realize that – except for Puzzle of Time – these cards see little play in Standard or Expanded (where two of the four are legal).


1st week – Celestial Storm drops and Rayquaza looks AMAZING… except for Shrine of Punishment.

4th week – Zoroark GX with Garbotoxin Garbodor wins the championship… 2nd place finalist expelled from game for cheating on stream during the finals match.


1st week – Pokemon dropped the new rotation on us a couple days early but that’s fine with me… I’ve been ready to move on to the new meta for like two months.

2nd week – New meta changes quickly with Dragon Majesty…. DRM cards and packs are unbelievably expensive the first weekend because of limited availability… a single pack could get you a Zoroark GX or Rayquaza GX… only can get online at ebay for about $3 a code card.  Ironically, the set contains very few cards of value and looks to be the worst set since Evolutions.

2nd week – Buzzwole Garb Shrine dominates a 260 player tournament in Brazil, taking six of the top eight places, with the other being Buzzwole Weavile (and this is baby buzz just to be clear).

3rd week – Buzzwole Garb Shrine (with a Weavile) wins Philadelphia regionals, a tournament of just over 800 players…. It’s not quite as dominant as the previous week in Brazil however as only one other Buzz Garb Shrine deck placed in the top 8.


1st week – Psychic Malamar Toolbox places 1 -2 at major Regional at Memphis TN.


1st week – largest expansion set in history of PTCG Lost Thunder is released on Nov 2… it would have featured the debut of the Lost March archetype except that Jumpluffs were so rare that people were opening 100+ packs and not getting any.

3rd week – International in Brazil takes place on November 16th the first day LOT is Standard legal… Zoroark Controls returns and wins in an anti climactic fashion when its would be finalist opponent was DQ’d for cheating (stacking) on stream in the semi final match…. However as the cheating wasn’t caught until the match had completed, they didn’t have a finals match and simply awarded 1st place to Daniel Altavilla.  Weird… and not good.

4th week – Regional in Roanoka VA in which a deck with three different TYPES of Stage 2 Pokemon (Gardy Swampy and the Space Lion) won… 2nd place was Cake Pop… no reports of any stacking.


2nd week – in what will be the last Standard tournament for two months, Zoroark Gyarados wins in Harrogate England… a lot of different types doing well, a lot of variation in the meta.





  1. Wow. I can’t believe 2018 is over already. On a side note, I got 6 tins and one box around Christmas, so I can finally start playing some more decks. Dusk Mane / Solgaleo sounds fun to me. I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and have a happy new year!

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