December Stats

Here are my stats for the month of December.  I’m doing this a day early because I’ve finished the ladder (YAY FA Lusamine!) and I want to get off to a fast start tomorrow night.

I went 160 W and 106 L  (60%) in the month of December.  I played a lot of spread and then did very well with Blissey LOT.  Overall, with Blissey I went 53 W 30 L (64%).  Here’s the latest version, and this has the best win percentage (8 W 3 L, 73%).

This is a really good deck and will win you matches on PTCGO and probably IRL too.

I did really well with spread decks as well, going 72 W 41 L (64%) with various versions of those archetypes all centered around Tapu Koko.

196 of the 266 games I played were with those two archetypes.  It’s pretty clear that these archetypes are well positioned in the format today.  I think it’s also pretty clear that GX Pokemon are quickly becoming more of a liability than an advantage.  I think there’s so much GX hate out there and so many good single prize archetypes that I think we’re going to see the “meta” move away from two (and soon to be three) prize Pokemon.  I’m already seeing it in Events (formerly Tournaments) on PTCGO.  I played in 17 tournament matches this month.  I went 9 W 8 L in those matches.  I went 1 W 7 L against primarily single prize archetypes.  That means I went a whopping 8 W 1 L against GX feature (or exclusive) decks in tournament matches on PTCGO.  And in the one game I lost (against Zoroark GX Decidueye GX) my notes indicate that “so many things went right for my opponent.”

Just the fact that eight of the seventeen – almost half – matches I played in tournaments on PTCGO should tell you something.

But getting on to more stats: I went 45 W 39 L (54%) against “meta” decks.  Yes, that means I saw meta decks 32% of the time… less than once every three matches.  The ladder is significantly diverged from IRL tournament play, in fact it’s so different that I’m going to stop tracking whether or not decks that I’m playing against are meta or not.  The label I’m assigning to meta is pretty broad as well; basically, anything Zoroark GX, Gardevoir GX, Blacephalon GX, and others, but not all of these match perfectly to those lists that you would find as top finishing decks at recent IRL tournaments, so that 32% might actually be a little high.  At any rate, right now, looking at the IRL results doesn’t necessarily reflect what I see on PTCGO, so I’m just going to drop that part of my analysis.


My opponent was weak to me only thirteen times, but my feature Pokemon in the vast majority of my games were Promo Tapu Koko and Blissey LOT.  My opponents did very well against me when I was weak to them, beating me 61% of the time.


My opponents ran special energy only 54% of the time.  When they ran special energy, I actually only won 58% of the time, as opposed to Basic Energy only decks where I went 77 W 46 L 63%.  Definitely don’t need to include E Hammers right now.


Speaking of hammers, my opponents played hammers only 12% of the time – and believe me just about all of the decks I ran this month carried SPE, so if they had a hammer, chances are I saw it.  I will say this: I went 16 W 16 L against decks that ran hammers – understandable considering how vulnerable to hammers Blissey and Koko are, but it also means that I actually won at a 62% rate against the majority of decks I played this month.  Yeah, it was a really good month for me.

As a side note, too, I didn’t really spend a lot of time experimenting on crazy decks either this month, and that’s part of the reason my win percentage was so high.


Everything here makes sense: I won more when I had the advantage, less when my opponent did and somewhere in between when neither of us did.  My opponent had the advantage over me just a little bit, and three quarters of the time one or the other of us had the advantage.

Here are the most common weaknesses of the feature Pokemon I went up against:

Fire 68

Fighting 54

Psychic 49

Grass 36

Water 36

Metal 32

Fairy 23

Lightning 18

Dark 15

Again, if I were smart, I’d be playing a deck that had Fire and Fighting Pokemon.  Fire, Fighting, and Psychic Pokemon would be awesome!

And the most frequent types I go up against:

Grass 59

Psychic 46

Fire 38

Dark 31

Fairy 27

Water 27

Fighting 25

Lightning 24

Dragon 23

Metal 23

Colorless 9

Again, similar to last month, you want to avoid running decks that are weak to Grass and Psychic.  Fire and Dark weak decks are good to avoid as well.

The most common Pokemon I came across this month:

And the Pokemon that did best against me (minimum five matches):

Alolan Ninetales GX LOT is a really good card.  Surprising to see Raikou up there as well.  No surprise to see Buzzwole GX as I ran a LOT of Fighting weak Pokemon this month.  And you still have a less than fifty fifty chance of beating me if you bench Tapu Lele GX.

Alright let me know if you have any thoughts or questions, hope this gives you something to take away and make you’re Pokemon TCG experience more successful.


  1. Silvally GX can be F, R, or P type. Fairy Alolan Ninetales GX can get the memory you need. I don’t know if there is a consistent list with these two but I’m sure people are trying.

    1. Yep I went 3 W 1 L in November with Silvally. It’s one of the few GX’s I’m considering playing, along with Magearna so I could potentially rotate between Dumbbells and a Memory Card. But I’m having so much success with some single prize decks that it’s tough to justify playing GX’s right now. I know that’s my opinion, but I just think that there are so many good non GX decks out there right now, you’re kind of putting yourself at a disadvantage by playing two prize Pokemon. But that’s my opinion and you are more than welcome to tell me I’m crazy!

      1. I agree. I still play Golisopod GX, but in concert with a lot of Acerolas. I’ve been trying to convince my son to play a Shrine deck for Collinsville. I doubt many juniors are willing to play without GX’s.

        1. Especially with the Tag Team ooh and ah factor – they’re new and shiny, a lot of people are going to be playing them, Shrine is probably a really good call.

          I went to Collinsville last February with my son, he played VGC though. Good luck to you guys!

  2. Wow. I barely played any games in December (busy with School, Holidays, School Dance, getting braces on..) but I’m glad to see that you had really good luck

  3. Harvey, you might like to write up a discussion on a card that was leaked today: Lt. Surge’s Battle.

    “You can only play this card if you have more Prize cards remaining than your opponent.
    You may play up to 3 Supporter cards this turn (including this one)”.
    This card might open up a can of worms.

    1. Also for you Vikavolt fans that are looking forward to the next Vikavolt or even wanna use his GX variant, we got a new Chargabug.

      Ability: Battery
      Once during your turn (before your attack), if this card is in your hand, you may attach this card as a Special Energy card to Vikavolt or Vikavolt-GX. This card provides 2 [L] Energy to the Pokemon it is attached to.

      Zero penalty; just have Vikavolt. Major boost to Vikavolt GX, new Vikavolt, and if you play Rayquaza: you got extra damage on the board.

      Among all the Night Unison leaks, Venomoth got a GX, Marshadow is a Buzzwole Slayer, and Guzma got updated art. Neat.

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