Blissey Venusaur… and a Team Up code card giveaway!

I’ve been thinking A LOT about what the meta’s going to be like after Team Up drops, and I think that there are going to be Tag Team GX’s up and down the ladder all weekend.  I think people have fallen in love with the idea of Pikachu and Zekrom GX, Eeveelax, and many of the other new and shiny three prize GX Pokemon.  I’d be willing to bet that the single prize Pokemon that can hit for 240 or 320 damage in a single attack will probably do pretty well this weekend.  And I think that Blissey Venusaur is that deck.

I’ve done Blissey decks plenty of times, and I’ve even tried this archetype before, but I didn’t have any success with it.  However, I’ve now gone 12 W 4 L with this list:

So, of course, I go to do a video on it, and lose four out of five matches.  If you want to watch this deck implode, here’s the link.

So here’s my question to you guys: what Tag Team cards should I add to this list, and what should I take out to fit those new cards in?  Here are some cards I’m thinking about:

  • Shaymin Prism (good to have a single attachment Basic attacker… Shaymin SLG only does 120 with Rally Back)
  • Erika’s Hospitality (probably instead of Copycat)
  • Dragonite (instead of Magcargo)
  • Guzma instead of T&L?
  • Judge Whistle?  And Judge?
  • Pokemon Communication instead of Ultra Ball?
  • Should I add a couple of stadiums… and what do I take out to fit them in?

So here’s the deal: leave your suggestion in the comments and your IGN, and then tonight (Monday January 28th) around 9 PM I’m going to randomly select a winner of a Team Up PTCGO code card from one of the suggestions.


  1. cut the tate and liza and 3 copycat, add shaymin prism, add guzma, add dragonite, erika’s hospitality.

    1. Yeah I think I can cut the draw card count down with Dragonite. Guzma is a little tricky – I have been very early game focused lately, and Guzma is really a mid to late game card. So many games (on PTCGO at least) are decided early on before Guzma is a factor. But it would be an awesome thing to get your opp down to three prize cards and then Guzma up Pikarom. Guzma can definitely help end the game earlier than your 3 prize card opponent would like!

  2. Sounds like a great budget deck to play. Tomorrow I’m going to have a major team up prep, because this is the second day this week that I won’t be going to school (I live in Missouri and we have a major cold front right now, windchill was -23 today). I’m hoping to get some Team Up packs on my birthday next week(13 already, still can’t believe it) and this is THE deck to play budget wise, and imagine how big shrine will be!

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