Cofagrigas Giratina Revisited

I played a little bit of Cofatina when it first came out and did pretty well with it, but it somehow fell by the wayside and I didn’t play it even once in December.  We’re reviewing it on Monday Jan 7th at, so I pulled it out of the mothballs and dusted it off to see if it was just as good as it was back two months ago.

It sure was.  I wound up going 27 W 15 L in 42 matches over the past few days, including a PTCGO tournament win Saturday night.  Here’s the list I eventually settled on, and I specifically went 5 W 2 L with this version:

Here’s a video I did on the deck as well, it illustrates the good moments with the deck.  I did add a couple more draw support cards because I found that the main reason I was losing (aside from my complete and total blunders) was that I would frequently go several turns without draw.  I can’t play any Pokemon based draw support in this deck, all draw support has to come from Supporter cards, so I figured I needed to have twelve and not ten.

Hope this deck does as well for you as it did for me!


  1. Yeah that third game was a pretty crazy comeback. The damage from the Spell Tags and Distortion Doors really adds up.

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