A Trio of Interesting Decklists

Hey guys here are a couple of interesting decklists I’ve had a little bit of success with.  Not sure that they’re great, but I’ve gone a combined 12 W 2 L with them.  Let me know what you think!


You want a Pokemon that hits for a ton of damage?  Chandelure’s your ‘mon.  One Flying Flip from Koko on a full bench = 240 damage from Chandelure.  I haven’t even tried this with Jirachi yet, but Dragonite is AWESOME!  I will also probably diversify Supporters at some point as well, you want to run a variety of different Supporters with Dragonite.  I’ve gone a clean 4 W 0 L with this list:

Gengar Mimikyu Necrozma

No, it’s not a law firm located in Po Town, this combo was born from my idea to defer and use Horror House turn 1.  It’s a VERY aggressive deck, employing Judge Whistle, Acro Bike, and even Order Pad.  Jirachi is really good, and Gengar and Mimikyu GX can be a good attacker.  The main attacker is Ultra Necrozma, but G & M can do alright with Poltergeist.  This deck is definitely a work in progress and probably will struggle against decks like Lost March, but a couple of the wins were early scoops by my opponent because I got off to such a good start turn 1 and then hit them with Horror House GX.

I’ve said it a ton of times: the main difference between PTCGO and IRL is that if you have a great start and your opponent has a dead hand, your opponent is likely to scoop.  Chances are you’re going to get off to a great start with this deck, and then your opponent will just draw and pass.  I went 4 W 1 L with this list:


I didn’t think much of this card until a late Team Up preview video I watched discussed it a little bit.  It caught my eye, and the reviewer made a good argument for this incarnation of Lapras and put it on my radar.  This is the second version of Lapras TEU I’ve tried, and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed it.  It can hit for a lot of damage and can put that pressure on starting turn 1 if you defer.  This is really important in matches against other single prize archetypes because you can potentially take the first prize and force them to play catch up.  I hate not taking the first prize when I play Lost March because I always feel like I’m going to be behind and that the only way I’ll catch up is if my opponent misses a beat and can’t KO me for a turn.  Like I mentioned above, getting off to a good start can result in an early concession from your opponent on the PTCGO ladder. I went 4 W 1 L with this list:

So there are three early TEU lists that I’ve had some success with.  Doubt that they’ll sustain those win rates, but you can see that each list has some potential.  Let me know if you have some thoughts or have had some early success with a deck you’ve been trying!


  1. Soon, I’ll have my own Blastoise deck to beat you with (hopefully) but these are all great lists

  2. The chandelure deck can be easily played around by the opponent. On the other hand I really like the idea of a blastoise lapras deck and will work on a list

  3. Welcome to the site Daniel… I am now 9 W 3 L with a couple different Chadelure builds, with wins against Lost March, Celebi & Venusaur, Buzzroc, Gardy, and others. It’s pretty amazing how much damage this card can do.

    Blastoise is super fun. I am 5 W 2 L with a couple of different builds as well but the resume for this isn’t as impressive.

    Blissey and Lost March have been my other successful archetypes so far.

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