Blacephalon Charizard… ELEVEN Straight Wins!

So it started out with my daily challenge being Fire damage.  35 coins for 1000 damage by Fire Pokemon.  Uninspiring, except that I had put together and Blacephalon Charizard deck the other night, and this would be the perfect time to give it a shot and see how it worked.

Eleven straight wins later (against 3 Gengar & Mimikyu GX decks, a couple of Alolan Exeggutors, a couple of Water boxes (imagine that!), and some other lesser decks), I finally met my match in a Jolteon GX Zapdos deck.  And if I hadn’t completely dead drawn and he didn’t get two Electropower and a Choice Band in the same turn, it might have yet been my twelfth consecutive win.

Still, eleven wins is nothing to turn your nose up at.  I will freely admit that three of the matches were gimme’s – games that were easy wins for me – but a lot of them were pretty tough.  A couple of the games went down to the wire and I wound up using every energy I had.

Here’s the list I used for this awesome streak:

And I will also say that there’s no doubt in my mind that this is NOT the BDIF.  I definitely had some luck on that eleven game winning streak and I doubt that I’d win another eleven straight with this list.  But it’s definitely good, and I’d highly recommend it if you have a Fire Pokemon damage daily challenge.

I might cut the Dragonite – I only used it in one game, but I definitely needed it in that match.  Alolan Vulpix was also extremely lightly used.  And if I keep it, I should add a Fairytales.  I might drop Tate & Liza as I used it maybe once or twice, and the one time I used Erika it got me three cards while Lillie would have brought in five.

But anyways if you were looking for a Charizard Blacephalon list, here you go!  I hope it wins you eleven straight games as well!

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  1. Huh. Sounds like a awesome list. Might want to try it out.maybe include some healing options, though, for Charizard

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