International Melbourne Australia Statistical Analysis

Hey guys – here’s a quick data dump of what was played this weekend.  27 of the top 36 decklists are available, and here’s a breakdown of all of the cards in those decklists.

Let me know if you want access to the raw data and I’ll send you the link to the Google Sheets page.

I’m also not going to comment or editorialize, I’m just going to let you look at the numbers and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Amount of Types of Cards Played

Number of Pokemon Played

Number of Items Played

Number of Supporters Played

Number of Tools Played

Number of Stadiums Played

Number of Special Energy Played

Number of Basic Energy Played

So this kind of quantifies the “meta” a little bit right now.  It will absolutely change going into Collinsville this weekend (wanna bet we’ll see more Alolan Muk?).  I’ll try to analyze a little further tomorrow or Wednesday but I have limited time over the next couple of nights.

If you do have questions about something in specific, let me know and I’ll try to publish that.


  1. No idea if you would happen to notice… but was there any Blastoise? Or is Team Up still not legal ?

  2. Sorry Red no Blastoise. The world just hasn’t seen his true power yet!

    1. Hey Harvey on Pojo it says you’re stepping away from the game for awhile, what’s up?

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