January stats

Fore what they’re worth, here are my stats for the month of January.  Obviously, everything is going to get completely thrown up in the air starting today when TUP cards are first legal, but here’s what happened to me last month.

Overall, I went 162 W 141 L (53%), a far cry from the 60% of last month.  I went 10 W 10 L in tournament (Event) matches on PTCGO.  I went 6 W 4 L against GX featured archetypes in those tournament matches, and (obviously) 4 W 6 L against non GX decks.  My Blissey Venusaur deck was the best version of Blissey I came up with, and I went 13 W 8 L with that.  I went 9 W 3 L with Buzzwole Shedinja, 9 W 5 L with Chandelure Malamar, 31 W 18 L with Cofatina (Cofagrigus Giratina), 18 W 9 L with Swampert, and 10 W 6 L with Vespiquen.  Those were the most successful decks I used last month.


My opponent beat me 60% of the time when he had the weakness advantage (15 wins in 25 total matches where I was weak to him), but – somewhat surprisingly – I went 50-50 in matches where I had the weakness advantage.  I only had weakness advantage 32 times, and only won 16 of those matches.  That’s REALLY disappointing, I should have probably won eight or even ten more of those games.  That’s potentially a three or four percent increase to my win percentage for the month.  That’s definitely something I’ve got to be aware of, you just can’t give away games like that.


Opponents played SPE 56% of the time.  I won about the same whether they had SPE or not, 53% with it, 54% without.


Opponents played hammers (Crushing Hammer, Enhanced Hammer, or Plumeria) 13% of the time.  I won only 49% of the time when they played hammers as opposed to 54% when they didn’t.  I played a LOT of SPE though, that’s definitely something I’m weak to.  But when that weakness only comes into play in one out of every eight matches, it’s not that great of a concern.  And it’s not like I won only one in four or five matches against decks that played hammers, I was still almost 50-50.


I won 54% of the time (63 W 53 L) when I had the advantage, and I also won 54% of the time (59 W 50 L) when my opponent had the advantage.  I was barely above 50-50 (51%, 40 W 38 L) when neither of us had the advantage.

It’s worth noting here that no one knows exactly how the advantage is determined.  For all we know, the algorithm that determines who has the advantage could be broken (just like wins and losses with a particular deck).

Most Common Weaknesses of my Opponents’ Featured Pokemon

So again, if you have a Fighting / Fire deck, you’re hitting your opponent’s featured Pokemon for weakness a LOT.  I would also guess that that Fighting weakness will only increase as many of the popular cards coming out of Team Up are – you guessed it – Fighting weak.

Most Common Types of Feature Pokemon

Grass and Psychic were the most common feature attackers that I came across last month, with Water and Dark close behind.  It would have been a good month to play Dragon Pokemon, and I’m sure I’ll see a LOT more Lightning types next month than this month.

Here are the most common Pokemon I came across this month:

And here are the most successful Pokemon against me this month:

Yeah pretty embarrassing but Shuckle GX took me out behind the shed this month.  Good thing we probably won’t be seeing much of him after TUP.  Fairy Ninetales GX again up at the top.  Raikou showed it was an aberration, and – very surprisingly – I beat decks that played Magcargo more than two thirds of the time.

But like I said this is all water under the bridge, as I’m sure the ladder will be COMPLETELY different starting today!