The Cheapest Best Deck Out There

Gyarados TEU has done surprisingly well for me, I’ve actually gone 10 W 5 L with it, but 3 W 0 L with this exact decklist:

And the best part is that this deck will cost you only a couple of packs to put together on PTCGO!

It usually hits for 150 or 180, but can get up to 210 or even (on rare occasions) 240.  Unfortunately, it’s a very self destructive archetype:

  • If you prize a couple of Gyarados you’re in trouble.
  • You can sometimes open with Magikarp and six Water energy in hand.
  • You wind up discarding a LOT of resources that you’ll need in the mid to late game to sustain offensive strategy.
  • Hard to get out more than three Gyarados consistently meaning you can run out of steam towards the end of the game even though you’re ahead on prize cards.
  • It’s Lightning weak.

But games do go pretty quickly, and there aren’t a whole lot of difficult decisions to make with this deck.  Sometimes it’s a simple attach energy, attack, take a prize card or two, so it’s also a good deck for beginners because it’s a pretty straight forward deck to play.

I’d definitely try it out, but realize that this is one of those decks that’s a little bit tough to play at first until you get the hang of it.  It reminds me of the Ancient Origins Full Retaliation Gyarados, though, that was intended to be a novelty deck but they made it too good.  This is very similar although I don’t think it’s quite as good but definitely worth spending a little bit of time on.


  1. I’ve played a couple of games against this deck and it’s really fun and strong

    On the other side, I had not tested the deck or payed attention to these drawbacks you pointed out

    Some suggestions:
    – 4 crasher wake for search
    – 1-2 gladion for the problem of prizing magikarp/gyarados
    – 1-2 brock’s grit for deck recycling

    More than the lightning weakness, the main problem I see for this deck is the widespread threat of Zapdos.

    A more ambitious build I thought of would be a fusion of this deck with the Blastoise Lapras. You would use Gyarados to thin the deck to just energies and setting up Blastoise. In the mid to late game, you would use Blastoise’s ability to power up Lapras to finish the game.

  2. Yeah got a tip from Ember power on my Youtube channel to take out the Brooklets and add in Crasher. Definitely better. Won four out of five with the new list and the loss was to Zapdos / Raikou and I had only one prize left to take. Still had three prizes on the board, I just ran out of resources. I’ll probably post a video and article on the new list in the next day or two.

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